Unlock the potential of your community

Many brands are not making the most of their community.

Perhaps they are working with influencers who don’t truly care about their brand, running expensive affiliate schemes, throwing money at social media ads or creating branded content that consumers ignore. Make your brand stand out.

Working with ambassadors, your real customers and fans who love your brand and want to share their passion about your products is the key to success!

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Brandbassador was created by Thomas and Ole, the founders of jumpsuit brand Onepiece, to use for their own community. After multiple requests, they opened the platform up to other brands in 2016. 

Back when social media marketing was almost unknown, Thomas and Ole started working with influential people in exchange for freebies. This worked well for a while, but soon the term 'influencer' began to emerge. Brands everywhere wanted to work with these people who had millions of followers, expecting the sales to roll in.

Influencers were in huge demand, so prices shot up. 

Brands were paying through the roof for a single post on an influencer's channel, regardless of whether that influencer could truly influence their target audience. 

You call that influence?

Brands winning at ambassador marketing

What makes ambassador marketing different? 

Influencers work with brands in exchange for money to promote products to their followers. They may or may not care about the products they promote, but do care about getting even more followers. 

Ambassadors are your real customers and fans who already talk about your products without being incentivised. They don't care much about random followers so will only share things they care about and know their family and friends will like too.

Affiliates are bloggers and content creators who want to earn extra money. They add codes to their blog posts and content with the hope that their followers will buy through that link. The process is very transitional, much like banner ads. 

Ambassador marketing sits between influencer marketing and affiliate marketing, as a powerful word of mouth marketing channel. It’s not a case of one or the other, they work well together, but many brands are overlooking this huge opportunity. 

Amanda Norr, Social Commerce Coordinator, iDeal of Sweden

“Our ambassadors have always been such an important part of the iDeal of Sweden brand. The key to our success is that we understood the value of ambassador marketing versus more traditional channels early on. The relationship between ambassadors and their followers builds something traditional marketing never could - trust.”

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How can Brandbassador supercharge your ambassador marketing?

Brandbassador exists because the team at Onepiece found it incredibly difficult to scale their community without automating some of the tasks. They searched for a tool to help, but none existed. 

After four years of development, the first version of Brandbassador was born.

The platform has undergone some huge changes since then, and our in-house development team are constantly adding more great features. 

We don’t just provide you with a tool to use, we build a partnership that helps you succeed at ambassador marketing.

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