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The unlimited possibilities of Brandbassador, a case study with Hunkemöller

Written by: Webadmin / 12 Nov 2019

The best way to be successful at ambassador marketing is to offer lots of different ways for your community to engage with your brand and products. It’s a great way to differentiate from your competitors and it gives your audience new ways to interact.

When Hunkemöller joined Brandbassador they were already running product seeding and user generated content campaigns, however Brandbassador allowed them to streamline these processes, cutting down time and allowing them to expand the tactics they were using.


“When we launch our new collections we now have content posted on the same day. It’s a way more efficient process.”

Annabel Hoogendoorn, Content Marketeer



Hunkemöller is now able to manage more of their ambassador programme in-house instead of relying on outside agencies. The platform provides everything the team needs to make a decision on whether an ambassador is suitable for their community – from follower numbers, to engagement rate and trust score.

Working with a well targeted group of over 500 ambassadors, Hunkemöller has received 8,000 mission submissions and over 260K post engagements in their first three months on Brandbassador.


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