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Transparency over results, a case study with Hermine Hold

Written by: Webadmin / 20 Nov 2019

Brandbassador gives Hermine Hold the tools to onboard their community of over 700 own ambassadors and work with them to achieve their marketing goals.

Hermine Hold get stunning user generated content, alongside great engagement and sales through exclusive ambassador discount codes.

During campaigns, Hermine Hold can keep track of all their results, allowing them to measure the success of every mission they run. This means they know what works and what doesn’t, so they can double down on successful missions to get the best results.

“Tracking sales and ROI is usually difficult. Brandbassador makes it very clear how much you’ve earned a month.”

Ignacio Varas, Marketing Manager



In around six months on Brandbassador, Hermine Hold has generated almost $21K in social buzz value, including 180K in post engagements made up of comments, likes and video views.


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