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The best online ambassador campaigns

Written by: Kelly Atkin / 12 Sep 2019

Online ambassador marketing campaigns can really help you to meet your marketing goals. Whether it’s generating sales, building social buzz around your products, or even for building a bank of great user generated content. Although online campaigns could be anything from ‘like our Instagram post’ to ‘take a picture of our product’, it’s the brands that think outside the box that make the most of online channels for ambassador marketing.


The Body Shop

The Body Shop is known for standing against animal testing. The team have run many campaigns raising awareness of animal testing, but last year they had great success by involving their ambassadors too.

In October 2018, The Body Shop teamed up with Cruelty Free International to call for a a global end to animal testing in cosmetics.

The campaign goal was simple – get people to sign the petition against animal testing in cosmetics. By getting their fans to share the petition with their friends, a snowball effect started and soon thousands upon thousands of people had signed. By the end of the campaign, The Body Shop had gained 8.3 million signatures!

The Body Shop campaign



HERA X HERO wanted to get their community talking so they asked ambassadors to submit their gym goals as an Instagram Story. This helped to engage fans with the brand and created some really great pieces of user generated content.

Hera x Hero gym goals



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The best offline ambassador campaigns

Offline campaigns are great for nurturing your community and getting to know your VIP customers. The more unique and exciting your campaign, the more likely you are to generate awareness and buzz about your brand and the products you sell.



Fashionable gym wear brand Gymshark set up the “66 Days Change Your Life” challenge. They challenged their ambassadors to think big and set themselves a 66 day goal. Fans tracked their progress using the #Gymshark66 hashtag, with many people posting daily.

The campaign kept their fans engaged with the Gymshark brand, but also engaging with others taking part in the challenge. This helped to cement the feeling of community between Gymshark ambassadors.


Gymshark 66 campaign


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Not every campaign needs to be extravagant. By making the most of the Instagram poll feature, Redbubble were able to work with their ambassadors to spread awareness around their creators’ bottle designs. By doing something different from other brands, Redbubble’s campaign stood out from other ambassador promotions.


Rebubble poll



Onepiece saw a rapid increase of revenue from when they started ambassador marketing. They tracked revenue through affiliate and discounts codes, and saw that ambassadors were helping to fuel their growth. Onepiece offered their top ambassadors the chance to go on an exclusive yacht trip in the Caribbean. The rules: as a community, ambassadors were tasked to generate $1 million in revenue over a 12 month period.  If they reached the goal, the 10 people that got the most sales would be invited on the trip. Founders Thomas and Ole were unsure that their ambassadors could hit this goal, but they absolutely smashed it, reaching 1 million dollars in only 3 months.

The campaign was extremely successful in generating revenue, but also content and stronger ambassador relationships from the trip itself.

Onepiece yacht


Here at Brandbassador

We  ❤️ our ambassadors and want to offer them the chance to work with us – not just as ambassadors, but as employees too! Our favourite online campaign encourages would-be candidates to submit a video of them telling a story about their life. If we like what we see, the candidate will be invited to our office to interview for a role.

We’ve had some great submissions, and many of our recent employees started their Brandbassador journey by sending us a video.

BB job mission


Ambassador marketing is so versatile and can help you achieve so many different marketing goals. Here at Brandbassador, we are ambassador marketing experts and are ready to help you succeed – book a demo today!